I’m a scientist, musician, actor, hooligan and all round nice guy wrapped in a pasty, caffeinated skin. I adore the joyful and varied facets of existence and my blog has a similar kind of fidgety attention span. This is why we are friends. It has sporadic direction and contains all themes, befitting of an individual who has the attention span of a hyperactive mongoose and the desire to know everything about anything that ever is, was or could be. So cross your fingers, close your eyes and wish particularly hard and perhaps something amazing will happen – perhaps nothing to do with me or my blog. I hope so, especially if you wished for an escapade to share with me, your new friend. What a day that would be, the start of a new adventure!

Additionally, I have a poetry blog full of musings! If you’re feeling a bit artsy-fartsy, go take a look!


Spreading the lurve. But in a clean, non-creepy, interpretive dance kind of way.


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