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Weekends: F**king awesome

I’ve got a stag weekend coming up and I’ve said I’m not doing anything more than a few drinks. I won’t have it. I’ll go home and watch Antiques Roadshow.
-Martin Freeman

For almost 12 months before I went overseas, I was working three jobs. I worked 12 out of 14 days a fortnight, sometimes more. Some shifts through the day, others on towards midnight, with no consistency from week to week. Seems a foolish enterprise, but I had a purpose and a direction and reason for spending all my time working. My holidays to Japan and Europe were completely brilliant! (Guam was shit. Never go to Guam).


Holidays are weekends with more long-haul flights

The lands far away from my little island home were filled with wonder and delight and the ubiquitous human condition of “same-same, but different”. I discovered things about other places and people, discovered new things about myself and rediscovered my deep-seated fear of bees and wasps.

But the one thing I have rediscovered since coming back which is almost just as brilliant as the time away?


Oh, sweet raptor jesus they are amazing! On weekends you have time to see friends and family! Weekends give you a chance to sleep in! They allow you time for hobbies and video games and larking about! You can relax and unwind! They’re like holidays, but you have all your stuff! People have been trying to remind me of how awesome weekends were by posting photos of themselves at cheese festivals, playing board games and pulling ridiculous faces up mountainsides (I have amazing friends. Mind altering substances not required – they’re slightly ‘altered’ naturally). But I just assumed that this was all a ruse – no one has this much fun on weekends! Weekends are for working. Not so: weekends are for being fucking brilliant! Weekends are extra special because everyone else is usually free as well! Except for the poor schmoes doing the hard hours like I once did. But no more! I am a free woman from now on! I’ll not be wound so tightly from lack of relaxation again!

I have made a list of the things I plan to do this weekend. Crossing things off lists is a supremely satisfying task and I my weekend list will be particularly wonderful.


  • Get up late
  • go to a birthday lunch
  • play Kubb
  • devour hot chips and mayo while watching sci-fi
  • play Theme Hospital until 4am


  • Get up late
  • Be defeated in Ruzzle for an hour in bed
  • Go running (yes, I actually enjoy running)
  • Play Civilisation for 8 hours
  • Eat mac & cheese

No studying, no essays due, no going to work, no making plans, have to’s or need to’s, no responsibilities, no small print or nasty surprises. Free to do anything, free to do nothing. That, coupled with my age, means that I can stay up all night reading comics if I want because no one can tell me no. This must be why some children long to be grown up. Not the independence, not being taken seriously. So they can stay up all night and read comic under the blankets with a torch without reprimand. What a beautiful world we live in.

Studying was amazing and working keeps me busy (I really enjoy being busy). But leisure time with no strings attached – there’s something I’d forgotten I missed. It really is like being a child again only you have to make your own lunch more often than not, which is usually the same as it would be if I had to make my own lunch as a child (cereal – it’s an all the time food).

So to all those working weekends and nights and public holidays, I salute you! I know your pain and, despite the penalty rates some will receive, not everyone will have a bright side to their stolen days of ease. I ask you to push on through and think of the contribution you’re making to society: namely, you’re working so I don’t have to.

You guys are champs.

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